HorrorGraphic Designs

Horror Graphics!  Why!?  Because I love the horror movie genre that's why.   
Ever since I was a kid I loved being spooked.  Halloween was always my favorite holiday.  Beyond the candy aspect of it all of course.  Was it the food that fall provides? Warm cinnamon donuts and hot apple cider around a bonfire while awaiting the next haunted hayride shuttle to approach.  Was it the fact that I could wear a hoodie and jeans again comfortably? Or was it the movies that would be played on TV around that time of year?  Probably all of the above but for some reason what I loved most about All Hallows Eve was the feeling of being scared.  My 7 year old daughter even thinks I'm crazy since telling her that I used to enjoy having nightmares.  Of course they were scary as hell while they were happening, but the moment I would wake up and realize I was just dreaming.... "THAT WAS AWESOME!" Is all I could say to myself.
So it was only natural that I would exhibit creepy and haunting vibes in my art both musically and digitally.  The MISFITS!  They would literally write songs about old horror movies.  Punk rock meets horror films was a show that I was not going to miss.  I grew up on the misfits and even played guitar in a Misfits tribute band every Halloween for years.  We'd paint our faces, douse ourselves in blood and go play punk rock in desert dive bars in Southern California.  It was quite a time to be alive that's for sure.
Anyways, I could go on and on why I love the horror genre and how it's shaped a lot of art into my creative life.  But I wanted to share with you a product line that I am releasing which includes designs that would dream up in nightmare style fashion.  Ladies and gentlemen, introducing..... HorrorGraphic Designs.
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