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We specialize in Printed Custom Apparel, Company, Team & Event E-Commerce Solutions. Custom Front End Web Development, Private and Public Web Apps and High Quality "Print Ready Graphics.

  • hy·per  -  [hahy-per]

    1. overexcited. 2. overstimulated. 3. four or more dimensions.

  • graph·ic -  [graf-ik]

    1. giving a clear and effective picture; vivid. 2. written, inscribed, or drawn. 3. depicted in a realistic or vivid manner.

Michael Gafrancesco

I founded HyperGraphic Designs Inc. in 2006 with my first custom built pc and a BIG passion for the arts & tech world. Computers were introduced to me in school while I was in the 4th grade. I was immediately hooked. I always excelled in art and began making computer graphics right away. The moment I realized I could combine styles and graphics with computer science a full stack developer was born. I'd love to talk about your project.

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