High End vector logos and brand kits are just a click away.  Having over 10 years in the apparel & marketing industry, I can design your next professional logo with ease.  And you can rest assured that your new branded logo will work on business cards, t-shirts, hats, signs & banners and could even be expanded to a billboard the size of the Empire State Building without losing any quality whatsoever.



A depiction of a raster image versus a vector image.  The raster image is blurry showing pixels while the vector image is quite clean and crisp

Vector Drawn Art

You might have heard the term "Vector" graphics. It is simply a type of computer generated design that uses math, lines and geometrical shapes to produce a clean and crisp image. The benefits of a vector graphic is that it may be blown up to the size of a billboard without losing any quality. This is in comparison of course to a raster or bitmap image. Most raster images come in the form of .jpg's or .png's which most of you have probably heard of.

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Picture of a pantone matching system swatch book

PANTONE® Matching

The PANTONE® Matching System also known as PMS is simply a way to keep cohesive colors for your brand across all products and displays. Having worked in a screen printing warehouse for over 8 years, I am well versed in this system!

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