Freaked my daughter out!

Shark behind daughter at the beach

My daughter is 6 years old going on 7.  She loves the water!  We live just south of Lake Ontario one of the Great Lakes and the beach is one of her favorite places on earth.  If it's not the beach its the pool out back or even just a hose and a radio.

Anyways, we were camping at Southwick Beach on Lake Ontario for the week and we were constantly in the water.  I had just gotten a new Gopro and knew it was water proof so we were testing it out past the shore.  She was just talking and being silly but I got into the footage, frame by frame and found a still that made her look as if she was scared (..again, she was not scared at all).  Did some photoshop magic and placed a Great White Shark behind her!  She still doesn't like even looking at this photo!! haha

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